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All About Tobogganing

Facts and general information about the sport of tobogganing and where to find tobogganing resources on the Internet. A toboggan is a sled with a flat bottom that is usually curved upward at the front. A toboggan is more suitable then a railed sled for conditions such as lightly packed snow, where the rails of a sled are likely to break through the crust of the snow and get stuck. See also other Ball Sports, and Pictures of Sports

International Bobsleigh and Tobogganing Federation
Official Web site of the International Federation for the sports of competitive bobsledding and tobogganing.

Wikipedia Introduction to the Toboggan
A description of a toboggan sled and general information about the sport of tobogganing.

Toboggan Hills in Ottawa Canada
The best places to go sledding in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and 13 safety tips for toboggan riders.

Summer Toboggan Fun Park
An amusement park in Cape Town South Africa with wheeled toboggans that travel in the channels of stainless steel flumes.

Directories of Toboganning Web Sites
- Open Directory of Sledding Web Sites

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