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All About Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is a sport that originated in Malasia and it is the national sport of that country. It is sometimes called "kick volleyball" and it has been described as a cross between soccer and volleyball. The game is played in a doubles badminton court with three players on a side. The rules and maneuvers used in Sepak Takraw are similar to those used in volleyball, except the hands and arms may not touch the ball. See also other Ball Sports, and Pictures_of_Sports.
Sepak Takraw: Player Kicking

Sepak Takraw International Federation
International governing body for the sport of Sepak Takraw.

What is Sepak Takraw?
A description of the game of sepak takraw and an introduction to the basic rules of the game, the serve, the ball, and techniques.

Wikipedia Introduction to Sepak Takraw
A description of the sport of Sepak Takraw including teams, the court, the ball, how the game is played, rules, scoring and the history of the sport.

Basic Skills of Sepak Takraw
Information about four of the basic skills used in Sepak Takraw including the inside kick, the knee and thigh kicks, the header, and the front kick (aka toe kick)

John's Takraw Guide
Includes an introduction to the sport, basic skills, a glossary of Sepak Takraw terminology, required equipment, and a diagram and description of the court.

Bay Area Sepak Takraw
This Web site is based in San Francisco but it includes general information about the sport including the history and development of the game, terminology, equipment, and rules.

National and Regional Sepak Takraw Associations


Germany (Berlin)
Germany (Cologne)

United States

Federation of European Sepak Takraw Associations
An association of Sepak Takraw federations and associations in countries throughout Europe.

Directories of Sepak Takraw Web Sites
- Open Directory of Sepak Takraw Web Sites
- Yahoo Directory of Sepak Takraw Web Sites

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