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National Roller Sports Federations

Where to find the official Web sites of the roller sports federations of the world. See also Roller Skating other Skating Sports and Pictures_of_Sports.

Angola Roller Sports Federation
Argentina Roller Sports Confideration
Australia Roller Sports Federation
Austria Roller Sports Federation
No Web Site:
Albania: Association Hockey Patinage d'Albanie
Andorra: Federacio Andorrana de Patinage
Armenian Roller Sports Federation
Azerbaijan Roller Sports Federation

Belarus: Minsk City Speedskating Federation
Brazil Roller Sports and Hockey Confederation
British Roller Sports Federation
No Web Site: 7
Bangladesh Roller Skating Federation
Barbados: Roller Hockey Association of Barbados
Belgium: Federation Belge de Roller Skating
Bermuda Inline Skating Association
Bolivia: Federacion de Patinaje de Bolivia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Roller Sports Association
Bulgarian Roller Skating Federation

Canadian Inline Hockey Federation
Canadian Roller Sports Federation
Chinese Roller Skating Association
Chinese Taipei Roller Sports Federation
Colombian Roller Sports Federation
Croatian Skate Association
Cyprus Ice and Roller Skating Organization (Facebook)
Czech Republic Roller Skating Union
Chile Roller Sports Federation
No Web Site:
Cameroon: Federation Camerounaise de Patins a Roulettes
Congo DR: Federation Congolaise de Roller Skating
Costa Rica: Asociacion Deportiva de Patinaje y Hockey
Cuba: Federacion Cubana de Hockey y Patinaje

Danish Roller Skating Union
No Web Site:
Dominican Republic: Federacion Dominicana de Patinaje

Ecuatoriana Hockey and Roller Sports Federation (Facebook)
Egyptian Amateur Roller Skating Federation
El Salvador Skating Federation (Facebook)
Estonian Roller Sports Federation

Finnish Speed Skating Association
French Roller Sports Association

Gabon: Roller Park Boulevard Association (Facebook)
German Roller Sports Federation
Greece: A.C. Aris Inline Hockey Club
Guatemala Roller Sports Federation
Gambia Skating Association
Georgian Roller Sports Association
Guyana: Skating Federation of Guyana

Honduran Skating Federation (Facebook)
Hong Kong Roller Sports Federation
Hungarian Roller Sports Federation
Haiti: Association des Patineurs Haitiens

India Roller Skating Federation
Irish Roller Hockey Association
Italian Roller Sports Federation
Iran Roller Skating Federation
No Web Site:
Indonesian Roller Skating Federation
Israel Roller Skating Association
Ivory Coast: Federation Ivoirienne de Patins

Japanese Roller Sports Federation
No Web Site:
Jamaican Roller Skating Association
Jordan: Roller Skating Federation of Giordania

No Web Site:
Kenya: Roller Sport Kenya Federation
Korea: See North Korea and South Korea

Latvia Inline Hockey Federation
Liechtenstein Ice Hockey and Inline Federation
No Web Site:
Lebanon: Rollerskating Federation of Lebanon
Libya Rink Hockey Federation
Luxembourg: Federation de Patinage du Luxembourg

Malaysia Inline Skating Association
Mexican Roller Sports Federation
Mozambique Roller Sports Federation (Facebook)
No Web Site:
Macao: Macau Roller Skating Association
Malta: Skating Association of Malta
Moldova: Federation National de Roller Sports of the Moldova
Mongolian Roller Skating Federation
Morocco: Federation Marocaine de Patinage

Namibia Ice and Inline Hockey Association
New Zealand Roller Sports Federation
Nicaragua Roller Sports Federation (Facebook)
Nigeria Roller Sports Association
Norwegian Skating Association
No Web Site
Netherlands: Nederlandse Roller Sports en Bandy Bond
Netherlands: Koninklijke Nederlandsche Schaatsenrijders
North Korea: Roller Skating Association of the D P R Korea

Paraguay Roller Sports Confederation
Peru Roller Sports Federation
Poland Roller Sports Federation
Poland Inline Hockey Federation
Portuguese Roller Sports Federation
No Web Site:
Pakistan Federation of Roller Skating
Panama: Asociacion Panamena de Patinaje
Peru: Federacion Peruana de Andinismo, Deportes de Invierno y Deslizamient
Philippine Hockey Association
Puerto Rico: Federacin Nacional de Patinaje de Puerto Rico

Romania Roller Sports Federation
Russian Roller Sports Federation

Serbian Roller Association
Singapore Roller Sports Association
Slovakia Speedskating Union
Slovenia Speed Roller Skating Federation
South Korea: Korean Roller Sports Federation
Spanish Roller Sports Federation
Swedish Skating Association
Swedish Inline Hockey League
Switzerland Rink Hockey Federation
Switzerland Roller Sports Federation
No Web Site:
San Marino: Federazione Sanmarinese Hockey e Pattinaggio
Sierra Leone: Roller Sports Sierra Leone
South Africa Roller Sports Federation
South African Roller Hockey Federation
Sudan Rollerskating Federation

Trinidad and Tobago Roller Sporting Association
No Web Site:
Tanzania Federation of Roller Skating
Thailand Extreme Sports and Skating Association
Togo Hysko Skating Federation
Tunisian Inline Skating and Hockey Association
Turkish Roller Sports Federation

United Kingdom Roller Sports Federation
United States Roller Sports Federation
Uruguay Roller Sports Federation - Site 2 (blogs)
No Web Site:
Uganda Skating Association
Ukranian Roller Sports Federation
United Arab Emirates: Arash Skate Institute

Venezuela Roller Sports Federation
No Web Site:
Vietnam Roller Skating Federation

No Web Site:
Zambia Skating Association
Zimbabwe Skating Federation

Continental Roller Sports Confederations

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Pictures of Sports

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