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All About Goal Ball

Facts and general information about the sport of goal ball and where to find goal ball resources on the Internet. Goalball was originally developed in the mid 1940's as a rehabilitation activity for blind veterans of Wold War II. See also Blind Sports other Challenged Sports and Pictures of Sports
Goal Ball

Goalball at the Paralympics
A description of the sport of goalball on the Web site of the International Paralympic Committee.

A Brief Introduction to Goalball
A short introduction to the sport of Goal Ball on the Web site of the foundation for Blind Children.

Darren Hamilton's Goalball Site
Goalball history, rules, equipment, hall of fame, event results, and news.

Goal Ball Equipment and Rules
A list of the equipment required to play goal ball, a diagram of the court, a summary of the rules, and safety recommendations.

UCP Introduction to Goal Ball
The history of goalball, an overview of the sport, benefits of playing, participation requirements, rules, and a diagram of the court.

Directories of Goal Ball web Sites
- Open Directory of Goalball Web Sites
- Yahoo Directory of Goal Ball Web Sites

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