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All About Feather Bowling

Information about the Belgian sport of feather bowling.

Wikipedia Introduction to Feather Bowling
Information about the Flanders, Belgium origin of the sport of trabollen (feather bowling) and a general description of how the game is played.

Weave, Wobble and Roll: Feather Bowling
Smithsonian magazine article about a Belgian sport known as "Feather Bowling" that seems to be similar to Feather Bowling.

Royal Feather Bowling Association
Belgian organization founded in West Flanders in 1910.

Cadieux Cafe Feather Bowling
Restaurant and music venue that also offers feather bowling. Located on Cadieux Road in Detroit Michigan USA.

Bath City Bistro Feather Bowling
Bar and restaurant on Macomb Place in Mount Clements, Michigan that also offers feather bowling.

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