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Dog Sledding Tours

Information about dog sledding tours in many different countries. See also more About Dog Sledding, other Winter Sports and Pictures_of_Sports.

Canadian Dog Sled Tours

Alberta Dog Sled Tours
- Howling Dog Tours
- Kingmik Dog Sled Tours
- Mad Dogs and Englishmen Expeditions
- Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours

British Columbia Dog Sled Tours
- Adventure Source Dogsled Tours
- Alaska Iditarod Tours of Vancouver
- Cold Fire Creek Dogsledding
- Dog Power Adventures
- Northernstar Sled Dog Adventures
- South Point Sled Dog Tours

Manitoba Dog Sled Tours
- Wapusk Adventures

Northwest Territories Dog Sled Tours
- DogPaddle Adventure
- White Husky Outfitters

Ontario Dog Sled Tours
- Algonquin Dog Sled Wilderness Adventures
- Boreal Journeys Sled Dog Kennel
- Borealis Dogsled Adventures
- Call of the Wild
- Chocpaw Expeditions
- Dog Sledding in Ontario's Near North
- Highland Wilderness Tours
- Hummingbird Hill B&B Dogsledding Package
- M.U.S.H.E.R.S.
- Raven's Watch Tours
- Singing Dogs
- Snow Forest Adventures
- Windrift Kenel
- Winterdance Dogsled Tours

Quebec Dog Sled Tours
- Attractions Boreales
- Les Chiens et gite du Grand Nord
- Nature et Chiens de Traineau
- Matawin Adventures
- Randonnee Oukiok

Saskatchewan Dog Sled Tours
- Paws N Paddles Wilderness Tours
- Sundogs Sled Excursions

Yukon Territory Dog Sled Tours
- Alayuk Adventures
- Blue Kennels and Dog Sled Trips
- Mount Joy Wilderness Adventures
- Muktuk Kennels and Sled Dog Tours
- Pristine Wilderness Tours
- Uncommon Journeys

European Dog Sled Tours

Austria Dog Sled Tours
- Husky-Time Schlittenhundeschule
- Siberian Husky Schule Austria

Estonia Dog Sled Tours
- Karulas Wolftrail

Finland Dog Sled Tours
- Finn Jann HuskyFarm
- Active Carella Outdoor Activities
- Akaskero Lodge and Sled Dog Centre
- BearhillHusky Carelian Dogsledding
- Erakeskus Wilderness Lodge and Huskyfarm
- Northern Gate Safaris
- Pallas Husky Tours
- Syberiada Adventure
- Tanama Husky Kennel
- Northern Star Wilderness Ranch and Biker Lodge

France Dog Sled Tours
- Chippewa Loisirs Nature

Germany Dog Sled Tours
- Quanok Winter Outdoor Reisen
- Waldschrat's Adventure Company

Norway Dog Sled Tours
- Sporbryter Dogsledding Adventures
- Alaskan Husky Tours
- Bergsvein
- Mountain King's Sledehundkennel
- Pathbreakers Sleddogkennel
- Troms Basecamp

Russia Dog Sled Tours
- Green Express Winter Adventure Tours

Serbia Dog Sled Tours
- Husky Center Lothlorien

Sweden Dog Sled Tours
- Active Lapland
- Aurora Borealis Adventures
- Axe Handle Mountain
- Burning Snow
- Explore The North
- Hundeschlittentouren mit Ihrem Schweden-Spezialist
- Husky & Guideservice
- Husky Holiday
- Husky Tours
- Huskyfarm Björkilsätern
- Jet-Sleddogs
- Kiruna Sleddog Tours
- Laplandhusky
- Magic Lapland AB Sweden
- Norrsjön Adventure Camp
- Nowexperience Sleddogs
- Nymånen Kennel & Studio
- Peakpoints Sled Dog Adventure
- PolarGuide
- Red Fox Holidays
- Rivendell-Schweden
- Schwedenteam
- Siberian Adventure's Outdoorteam
- Silent Way Nordic Wilderness Adventures
- Spindrift Sleddog Tours
- Uno's Huskies
- Wildact Adventure Tours
- Wild Harmony

United Kingdom Dog Sled Tours
Scotland: Cairngorms Sleddog Adventure Centre

Oceania Dog Sled Tours

Australian Dog Sledding Tours
- Australian Sleddog Tours
- Dinner Plain Sleddog Tours
- Howling Husky Sled Dog Tours
- Malusky Husky Sled Dog Rides

South American Dog Sled Tours

Argentina Dog Sled Tours
- Huskys de los Pehuenes

Chile Dog Sled Tours
- Region IX Dog Sledding Adventures

United States Dog Sled Tours

Alaska Dog Sled Tours
- Alaska Best Wilderness
- Alaska Husky Ranch
- Alaska Icefield Expeditions
- Alaskan Arctic Expeditions
- Alaskan Skijoring Adventures
- Alaskan Trails with Mary Shields
- Austin's Alaska Adventurres
- Bush Alaska Expeditions
- Chugach Outfitters
- Copper Oar
- Denali Adventures
- Denali West Lodge
- Earthsong Lodge Denali Dog Sled Expeditions
- Inlakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge
- Lucky Husky Kennel
- Northern Sky Lodge
- Osmar Racing and Tours
- Paws for Adventures
- Sled Dog Adventures
- Sun Dog Express Dog Sled Tours
- Three Dog Night Kennel

California Dog Sled Tours
- Husky Mountain Dogsled Tours
- Wilderness Adventures

Colorado Dog Sled Tours
- Colorado Travel Master
- Durango Dog Ranch
- Krabloonik Kennels
- Snow Caps Sled Dogs
- Summit Vacation Concierge Dog Sled Tours
- Wintermoon Sled Dog Adventures

Idaho Dog Sled Tours
- Sun Valley Sled Dog Adventures

Maine Dog Sled Tours
- Mahoosuc Guide Service
- Mornington Crescent Sled Dogs
- New England Dogsledding
- Song in the Woods

Maryland Dog Sled Tours
- Husky Power Dogsledding at Mountain Mary Kennels
- Maryland Sled Dog Adventures

Massachusetts Dog Sled Tours
- Hilltown Wilderness Adventures
- N. E. Outfitters
- White Mountain Sled Dog Adventures

Michigan Dog Sled Tours
- Otter River Sled Dog Traing Center and Wilderness Adventures
- S and L Arctic K9's Sled Dog Adventures
- Snowy Plains Kennel
- Team Evergreen Kennel
- Trailsview Treks
- Wilderness Trail Outfitters

Minnesota Dog Sled Tours
- Arleigh Jorgenson Sled Dog Adventures
- Boundary Country Trekking
- Chilly Dogs Sled Dog Trips
- Gunflint Lodge Dog Sled Trips
- Kiwatchi Sled Dog Rides
- Lodge of Whispering Pines
- Positive Energy Outdoor Adventures
- Snowbound Siberian Adventures
- Suomi Hills Kennel
- White Wilderness Sled Dog Adventures
- Wilderness Inquiry
- Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge
- Wintermoon Summersun Adventures
- Wolf Moon Kennel

Montana Dog Sled Tours
- Absaroka Dogsled Treks
- Base Camp Bigfork Dogsled Lodge
- Klondike Dreams Sled Dog Rides
- Yellowstone Dog Sled Aventures

New Hampshire Dog Sled Tours
- Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures
- Great Northern Moose Lodge
- Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel
- Mush Mellow Adventures
- Seal Cove Journeys
- Valley Snow Dogz
- White Mountain Sled Dog Adventures

New York Dog Sled Tours
- Linendolls Happy Husky Kennel

North Dakota Dog Sled Tours
- Prairie Isle Dog Trekking

Oregon Dog Sled Tours
- Oregon Trail of Dreams

Vermont Dog Sled Tours
- Eden Mountain Dogsledding
- Husky Works Mushing Company
- Montgomery Adventures
- Peacepups Dogsledding

Wisconsin Dog Sled Tours
- Bark River Racing and Rides
- Wolfsong Adventures in Mushing

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