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National Sports World Wide

Information about official national sports for many different countries and the most popular sports in several other countries.

Afghanistan: Buzkashi
Anguilla: Yacht Racing
Antigua and Barbuda: Cricket
Argentina: Pato (declared 1953)

Bahamas: Sloop Sailing (declared 1993)
Bangladesh: Kabaddi (declared 1972)
Barbados: Cricket
Bermuda: Cricket
Bhutan: Archery
Brazil: Capoeira (declared 1972)

Canada: Winter: Ice Hockey / Summer: Lacrosse (declared 1994)
Chile: Chilean Rodeo (declared 1962)
China: Table Tennis
Colombia: Association Football
Colombia: Tejo (declared 2000)
Cuba: Baseball

Dominican Republic: Baseball

Finland: Pesapallo

Grenada: Cricket
Guyana: Cricket

India: Field hockey
Ireland: Gaelic Games

Jamaica: Cricket

Korea Repubic: Tae Kwon Do (declared 1971)

Latvia: Summer: Basketball / Winter: Ice Hockey
Lithuania: Basketball

Mexico: Charreria (1933)

New Zealand: Rugby Union
Norway: Cross Country Skiing

Papua New Guinea: Rugby League
Peru: Paleta Fronton
Philippines: Arnisf (declared 2009)
Puerto Rico: Paso Fino (declared 1966)

Slovenia: Alpine Skiing
Sri Lanka: Volleyball (declared 1991)
Switzerland: Shooting, Gymnastics, Rustic Dancing

Turkey: Turkish Ancestral Sports: Wrestling and Jereed

United Kingdom Wales: Rugby Union
United States: Baseball
Uruguay: Destrezas Criollas aka Gaucho Skills (declared 2006)

National Sports Federations

International Games

Pictures of Sports

Sports by: Country | Name | Type

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